With almost all things going digital in this modern era, our methods of writing and creation/production of content have changed a lot. With respect to writing, it is noteworthy that Artificial Intelligence (AI) also entered this field, providing solutions intended to facilitate and improve content creation. However, these do not simply represent fashionable adornments for all but some. For example, content creators can use them to create entertaining and topical information for their audiences. They help students write clear and well-focused papers. These tools are important for professionals as they write emails, reports, and presentations for efficient communication. One of the most popular among over a thousand AI writing tools is Quillbot. It presents great convenience because of the ability to paraphrase texts with ease, which makes the tool dependable in fast content rephrasing. However, it should be noted that AI writing covers an enormous area, so Quillbot is merely its tiny part. There are many other Quillbot alternatives, including those with individual specifications and capabilities fighting for the share of these spaces too. We will now provide more detailed information about 7 best-in-class substitutes for Quillbot that include a variety of unique options worth considering.

What are the 7 Best Quillbot Alternatives in 2023

Jasper AI

Unique Features
1. Brand Positioning: Infuses content with brand and product positioning
2. Project Management: Offers automated project management, content creation & repackaging

Creator (1 seat): $39/mo
Teams (3 seats): $99/mo
Offers 7-day free trial

With AI-enabled platforms leading in this change, the need for fast and dependable writing instruments has grown significantly in this day’s digital world. Notably, Jasper AI stands out amongst these by being a first choice for most. But what makes Jasper AI different?

Jasper AI is more than a writing tool; it’s an enterprise-level AI copilot designed for marketing teams. Its main advantage is that it connects directly with a “central nervous system” of content, thereby giving each piece on this website a strategic value, incorporating business intelligence and market knowledge. This makes the information relevant as it resonates well with the voice of the brand and its positioning. 

Additionally, the platform speeds up the content generation cycle from idea to implementation, resulting in a faster and more effective process. It provides automated project management, content generation, and repackaging, as well as review and optimization. They are meant to reduce miscommunication, simplify the general content development process, and ultimately deliver great results in each project output. 

However, Jasper AI does not stop just at creating content. It also gives usable directions for the optimization of users’ personalized content by taking AI into consideration. This implies that not only will you be able to create content more quickly, but you’ll also make sure it is doing better. 

Besides, Jasper AI has based its operations on issues to do with security and ethics. It is U.S. U.S.-based data center that guarantees that it is not training third-party AI/ML models of its users’ data; Jasper AI commits itself in all the ways to data privacy and security. 

Consequently, Jasper AI goes beyond mere writing assistance and is an entire platform that knows about modern content demands. Jasper AI will turn your content game into a strategy that is both smart and powerful if you are either an enterprise or an individual.


Unique Features
1. Contextual Understanding: offers suggestions that fit into the narrative
2. Summarization: summarizes YouTube videos, blog articles, and even PDF
3. Integration: integrations with Google Docs and Outlook

Free (10 rewrites)
Plus (30 rewrites): $9.99/mo
Unlimited (Unlimited rewrites): $14.99/mo

Wordtune is an AI-based writing tool that has created its own specialty in the content writing domain. The core philosophy behind Wordtune is that it makes writing easier by focusing on individual users’ styles. However, GenAI technology does not simply suggest words or phrases on a whim; rather, it understands what the user aims to say and communicates in agreement. 

Wordtune is remarkable in that it has a “Rewrite” option. With this, users can revise a single word or even an entire page to perfect their writing. As a result, the suggestions of an AI enable the preservation of the character of users’ voices and the improvement of their quality. Another additional function in the system is a “Create with AI” option that enables users to create content from nothing in their own words. For creating words for e-mails, LinkedIn posts, and creative headlines, Wordtune helps us simplify our work.

“Summarizer” rescues people who have to face a flood of information. With this element, long YouTube videos, blog posts, or PDF files can be compressed so that people will just read to the point and get their desired information. “AI Answers” is another important characteristic that allows one to make their own database in Wordtune. This will facilitate fast access to trusted sites by users and provide them with the necessary answers based on AI Q&A and semantic search.

This is not only because of these characteristics but also through the easy compatibility with all types of platforms that Wordtune displays for this matter. Wordtune can be used on different devices, including while editing on the desktop, using mobile phones, or utilizing Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or even Gmail. Being always present makes sure it can provide continuous support regardless of where and when users are working.

Finally, Wordtune focuses highly on personal information protection and data confidentiality. Compliance with high-level enterprise standards in relation to the platform’s security confirms the reliability of users’ information storage. In addition, the richness of the feature set means that it is ideally suited to business people, students, and any other writer who needs better writing.

As such, this means that Wordtune is not only a writing tool but rather a broad mechanism that considers the diversity of issues with contemporary writing. Hence, Wordtune promises that it will disrupt AI content creation with creative composition integrated smoothly.


Unique Features
1. Integration: Google integration for the latest information
2. SEO Optimization: built-in keyword optimization
3. Chatsonic: conversational AI chatbot for text/image generation

Free (10,000 words)
Small Team (100,000 words): $13/mo
Freelancer (unlimited words): $16/mo

Writesonic is another noteworthy quillbot alternatives in the competitive AI-powered content creation space that efficiently and effectively meets various content needs. While it’s much more than a basic writing aid, this sophisticated system boasts all-inclusive characteristics that simplify the procedure of creating captivating content for professionals, businesses, and freelancers.

The industry recognizes Writesonic for its capacity to generate SEO-optimized, high-quality content. This strait proves significantly advantageous in creating blog posts engineered for superior search engine ranking. The platform’s integration with Google not only enhances engagement but also infuses the material with factual accuracy and currency. Furthermore, through Knowledge Graph integration, Writesonic bolsters its commitment to precision, hence enabling insightful data-backed content that strikes c.hords with readers while aligning unfailingly to brand voice and directives.

However, Writesonic’s capabilities extend further: the platform unveils Chatsonic – a sophisticated AI chat partner fueled by GPT-4. This innovation is specifically designed to surmount limitations that plague other chatbots; it offers an exceptional array of features, such as real-time trending AI generations and multipurpose file chat. Additionally, through its ability to produce high-quality AI-generated artwork, Chatsonic raises not only standards but also enhances interactive content creation and idea generation significantly. Various content needs ranging from sales and marketing to research and PR find an indispensable tool in its extensive prompt library in which easy team collaboration further elevates its value.

Moreover, Writesonic actively confronts the demand for customized customer engagements through its no-code AI chatbot builder, Botsonic. This innovative tool equips businesses with the ability to train their chatbots using proprietary data, a strategy that enhances customer communications by rendering them more personalized and efficient. Notably, emphasizing customization, providing robust multilingual support, and managing privacy effectively – all these aspects underscore Writesonic’s unwavering commitment to delivering an experience centered around user needs and preferences.

In addition to these innovative features, the handy Chrome extension of Writesonic simplifies content creation. This enables swift generation without tab-switching inconveniences. Whether you work on Gmail, LinkedIn, or any other web platform for that matter, Writesonic accompanies your efforts seamlessly. In essence, Writesonic stands as an all-encompassing suite imbued with artificial intelligence. Its design purpose is to turbocharge the content strategies of your business. 


Unique Features
1. SERP Research: offers SERP analysis and key SERP metrics
2. AI-powered Content Briefs: creates content briefs in 6 seconds

Solo (4 articles): $12.66/mo
Basic (30 articles): $38.25/mo
Team (unlimited articles): $97.75/mo

Frase.io is a tool that makes content creation easier and more effective regarding search engine optimization (SEO). In essence, Frase.io assists in crafting compelling copy that appeals to consumers and attains a high ranking for Google search results.

An important aspect of Frase.io is that it simplifies the process of SEO content production. This platform takes users from the point of selecting the keywords all the way to the completed paper, hence rendering the process smooth. The process starts with the research phase, where Frase.io has one of a kind, the “SERP Research Tool.” Frase.io will analyze and summarize content that comes from the top search results for any given query. It shows some information about competitors’ content and displays top SERP metrics, including the number of words, the rating of domains, and even the ratio of headings.

However, the platform does not end with merely research. It has a unique AI feature of converting short content into long and optimized one-page content briefs within a few seconds. It enables users to begin with a strong base that guarantees the relevance of the content, being SEO appropriate too.

This is proved by testimonies of prominent industry players who have used Frase.io. Brendan Hufford, a content marketer at ActiveCampaign, says that Frase.io is basically “the content marketing cheat codes.” And Kevin Indig, director of SEO at Shopify, says that it’s worthwhile not only for SEO specialists but also for writers.

Essentially, Frase.io is simply much more than SEO software. It is a complete platform that appreciates the complex nature of modern-day content requirements. Frase.io provides a variety of functions that enhance productivity, creativity as well and the final outcome in SEO as a content creator or someone pursuing the improvement of an online profile.


Unique Features
1. Speedwrite: unique, high-quality writing in 60 seconds
2. Creative Mode: turns short sentences to paragraphs in the same style

Monthly: $7.99/mo
Semi-Annual: $6.66/mo
Annual: $4.99/mo

Speedwrite stands out as an exceptional AI writing tool that takes a novel approach to generating content within the vast world of AI writing tools. Essentially, Speedwrite provides users with new, well-written material with no errors, stylistically or grammatically speaking. Speedwrites goes one step further, for it produces a text that is original yet well connected.

One notable feature of this typewriter, Speedwrite, is that it is very fast. It’s more than creating content fast; but creating quality and speed. This can be seen in its reliability, which enables hundreds of thousands of users with millions of lines of text. Speedwrite can cater to university students, marketers, professional creatives even SEO enthusiasts!

The originality concern has been a great worry to users of artificial intelligence writing products. It will involve many tools that may unexpectedly create copies similar to some other text on the internet and, therefore, will result in the problem of plagiarism. In this regard, speedwrite is direct. This ensures that your writing will be exclusive and unable to be caught by plagiarism software while at the same time producing quality content.

The other notable feature is its compatibility with new, recent information. Contrary to most AI writers who use old dictionaries, Speedwrite can turn raw information into quality output. This works in particular for businesses and people who develop new products or ideas when general online data would not cover them.

A new feature, “Creative Mode,” was introduced on the platform in December 2022. This is a creative mode meant for producing content according to your thoughts. All users have to do is write short and simple sentences. In turn, these sentences will be expanded into eloquent paragraphs through Speedwrite Creative. This is particularly helpful when creating material that appeals to a specific way of thinking.


Unique Features
1. Bulk Rewrite: uploads multiple articles at once
2. HTML Compatible: supports HTML content
3. Bulk Download: exports rewrites in bulk

Starter (50,000 words): $9/mo
Power (3,000,000 words): $27/mo

WordAi presents itself as a worthy opponent with numerous options that ensure proper preparation for producing high-quality content. The greatest advantage of this instrument is sophisticated machine learning algorithms providing almost unnoticeable changes between generated and original texts. Any firm will find it worthwhile with the capacity to have one unique and useful tone of voice.

What makes WordAi stand out from others is its ability to divide and reorganize the sentences but leave their core meaning unchanged. The process occurs since once the platform goes through details about the information made, it gives room for uniqueness and clarity. WordAi goes beyond normal paraphrasing, for multiple documents can be loaded simultaneously, saving time and effort. Additionally, the product’s API facilitates the automatic conversion of content within work procedures, thereby offering unlimited applications.

It is also helpful for dealing with certain interested business owners, as well as those people who take seriously the issue of authenticity of their posts and other pieces of content. WordAi ensures that the content used is unique and that copying can attract a copyright problem. In addition, the user should take note that integrating an article, “Forge,” enables one to import articles about any topic, and this broadens its utility.

Also, WordAi’s speed is a strong point. It is supposed to be easy but useful as well. Users can type in their content and then click on the rewrite button, whereby they receive a newly written and totally ready text within a couple of seconds or minutes. This fast response is particularly helpful for people who work for short periods of time. 


Unique Features
1. Workflow Templates: pre-defined templates for various content needs
2. Chat By Copy.ai: offers an interactive platform for content creation

Free (2,000 words, 200 credits, 1 seat)
Pro (unlimited words, 500 credits, 5 seats): $36/mo
Team (unlimited words, 3K credits, 20 seats): $186/mo
Growth (unlimited words, 20K credits, 75 seats): $1,000/mo
Scale (unlimited words, 75K credits, 200 seats): $3,000/mo

Copy.ai distinguishes itself as an AI-driven tool designed for creating different forms of content with ease at any given point in time. It simply translates as the act of making a copy and does not imply solely producing the text. At its core, Copy.ai creates intelligible and logical content for the specified segment that harmonizes with the brand values.

With regard to that, it should be noted one of the outstanding traits of Copy.ai is “Chat By Copy.ai”; it serves as an assistant in brainstorming and researching and can also act as a professional writer. The generative AI platform seeks to make users more productive and intelligent, thereby removing the dreadful blank page syndrome some writers face. It can be used for any writing that involves long-form articles, social media content, product descriptions, and even ad copy. Particularly notable for the platform is its ability to create top-notch blog posts with optimum search engine optimization within an incredibly short time period, thereby saving its users more time to work on improving or adding to the content.

However, the innovation does not come to an end. To this end, Copy.ai has developed “Workflows” – a solution for teams looking for scalability. This feature allows individuals to select any workflow, such as e-commerce, social media, and search engine optimization, among many other needs and then verifies the results before running them all in bulk. The “Brand Voice” feature further bolsters this process by guaranteeing that all produced pieces are consistent with the specific tone and voice distinctive to each given brand.

In today’s digital world, data security is vital, and Copy.ai knows this. That’s because the platform conforms to the industry requirements outlined by Soc II and guarantees that user data remains private and safe. The firm’s dedication to security enables companies and people who want to trust others with their data to know their information is safe.


Although Quillbot offers some benefits, it is important to remember how huge the arena of artificial intelligence authoring tools is especially considering some of the other Quillbot alternatives. All these above-mentioned options vary in features. Among them, you may find a solution that suits your condition. The writer can rely on an artificial intelligence tool during writing when rewriting old texts and even adding value to texts using this tool. As a result, why not give any of these options a try and let them take your writing to another dimension.

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