As we live in a digital era, there are increasing number of online data, and effectively managing this information is simply staggering. While information from emails, documents, and invoices continues to pile up, there is a need for businesses to find ways to extract truly meaningful data. There is a software that has the ability to efficiently process and take out relevant information from a set of documents and emails: Bitskout. Bitskout offers an efficient solution for data extraction by harnessing artificial intelligence, revolutionizing the way we handle data. This article will focus on what you need to know about this great software package regarding its features, price, and comparison with other programs.

What is Bitskout?


Bitskout is a sophisticated, AI-driven tool tailored for efficient extraction and processing of data from various documents and emails.

Expanded Key Features

Advanced AI-Driven Data Understanding: Unlike other AI software tools, Bitskout’s AI does not only extract data but instead understands it. In a matter of minutes, the tool is able to comprehend and decode intricate data structures within multiple papers, showing incredible intellectual effort.

Customizable and User-Driven Plugin Creation: Its capacity to create plugins is another noteworthy feature. This feature enables users to make their own plugins for specific extraction purposes. It enables this tool to be responsive to the distinct requirements of every enterprise hence providing maximum flexibility during information retrieval processes​​​.

Seamless Integration with Popular Business Tools: Bitskout is also compatible with applications such as Asana, Zapier, and Power Automate; Bitskout is a multipurpose assistant for any enterprise.

Instant Answers for Operational Decision-Making: A remarkable attribute of Bitskout is that it provides instantaneous data of operational data. For this reason, it emerges as a powerful tool that allows for quick decision-making based on real-time retrieved information.

Intuitive Testing and Refinement of Plugins: Users can run several iterations of a plugin in the environment provided by Bitskout before deploying a plugin. This ensures that every plug-in is finely polished according to specified needs and as accurately as possible​ before it’s made live​.

Multilingual Document Processing Capabilities: There are many AI data extraction software that can only extract data in one language. Bitskout is able to circumvent this problem through its ability to process a document in any written language. This is most applicable for multinational organizations that deal with different paperwork.

Extensive Template Library for Quick Setup: Users can start their projects with over 40 readily available templates under Bitskout. Initial setup of libraries with the necessary document types such as invoices and orders can be extremely time-consuming. However, this can be reduced drastically with this particular library.


Bitskout pricing image

Bitskout offers a flexible pricing approach that allows for variations in data extraction requirements for individuals and large companies.

Solo Plan: It costs $ 59 per month or $ 600 annually, and is for individuals. There are 200 plugin runs per month for it while charging $0.29 for every extra plugin exceeding the limit of 10%. In this case, the plan is unlimited as far as who uses it, integration, and plug-ins.

Team Plan: This would be appropriate for smaller or medium-sized teams, which is priced at $199 per month or $2028 per year. It provides a thousand plugin runs monthly, and the additional running costs is only $0.19 each. This is an identical version of the Solo Plan that contains unlimited users, integrations, as well as plugins, and additional chat support. In addition, the Team plan has a higher number of active plugins and admin users than the Solo plan.

Enterprise Plan: This plan has been specifically designed to suit bulk operations. This plan allows for over 10,000 plugin runs, 3rd party model support, datalake integration, an auto-feedback loop, and exclusive templates. The pricing of this plan will be tailored to the needs of various enterprises. 

Comparisons with Other Data Extraction Tools

Bitskout vs. Airparser: Priced at $33/month, Airparser is one of Bitskout’s main competitors as it both specializes in extracting data from emails and documents. Bitskout stands out in terms of integration capabilities as the tool links with other major platforms such as Asana, Zapier, and Power Automate.

Bitskout vs. Waveline Extract: Waveline Extract is another software that extracts data from emails and documents, having a plan that starts from $100/month. Waveline Extract focuses more on extracting data from documents; nevertheless, Bitskout boasts a wider range of features including customizable plug-ins and easy-to-use interphase.

Bitskout vs. Retention Engine: There is also another AI-driven software called Retention Engine that provides information with regard to customer retention and date delivery. Bitskout has the capability of extracting data, and process automation that involves more than forty templates and integrates with Asana,, Power Automate, and Zapier for easy usage purposes. On the other hand, Retention Engine focuses more on customer engagement and retention. 


In conclusion, Bitskout is more than just a traditional data extraction tool; this smart tool has the potential to revolutionize how solo entrepreneurs or large-scale enterprises deal with vast amounts of data. 

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