In a world where efficiency and accuracy are increasingly becoming important, Caktus AI is a guiding light for students struggling with academic demands. Think of a device that will help you with your school homework. Truth be told, Caktus AI is more than a tool to simply finish your homework. The tool also boasts capabilities to match your writing style while supporting your learning curve in real-time. In this article, we will go over the key features, pricing, and everything else you should know about Caktus AI, a comprehensive AI assistant that provides convenient tools for learning. 

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI

1. Essay Writer
2. Hook Generator
3. Math Solver
4. Python Writer


Caktus AI has numerous functions dedicated to addressing all sorts of academic activities. The tool helps students get the desired grades for their writing assignments by supporting essays, citations, and academic sources. The platform also offers help with math and science by providing step-by-step solutions. For word problems, Caktus AI is equipped with a complete set of math keyboards for convenience. Some other forms of assistance, such as coding help, are also included in the package. Caktus AI supports several programming languages, many often that are very useful to students who are getting started with software development.

Caktus AI’s unique feature is the integration with CORE. CORE ensures that all sources used are 100% academic; this tool is a great asset for students who require trustworthy and scholarly references. In addition, Caktus AI permits you to customize your writing style. The tool will be able to mimic your writing style just by uploading an example of your writing. Another feature worth noting is the text editor; it helps prep documents for simple submissions and editing, and even a conversational tutor for online homework assistance.


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Caktus AI has a simple pricing scheme that is affordable for students. They have two subscription packages that include the base plan going for $14.99 per month and the pro plan at $19.99 per month. Another special offer is the Pro Yearly Plan, charged only $8.33 per month annually for $99.99. They all come with access to the class helper, writing tools, math & science tools, coding tools, citation tools, the conversational tutor, unlimited AI outputs, and learning tools. The pro plan has additional functionality with an AI Detection tool, Priority Support, a Discord Community role, new Beta tools, and a Pro newsletter.

The platform’s FAQ section tackles prevalent concerns such as the termination of subscriptions, the credibility of academic sources, the issue of plagiarism, privacy, and the distinctiveness of AI-generated content. Users are provided with the assurance that they possess the freedom to cancel their subscription at any given moment and can even temporarily suspend it during school break times. Caktus AI places great emphasis on user privacy and the genuineness of its content, guaranteeing students a dependable tool for writing assistance that is devoid of plagiarism.


To conclude, Caktus AI reinforces itself as an adaptable and dependable educational ally for students. The fact that it offers diverse learning resources on top of respect for children’s privacy and uniqueness makes it one of the strongest competitors in the educational technology market.

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