In an age where the first impressions are made in the blink of an eye, Gamma AI arises as a guide for those who want to develop striking presentations without using typical slide-making tools. Think of a tool that is way beyond slide masters and template lock-ins that enables you to overhaul your entire presentation with a single click. That tool is Gamma AI—a platform where flexibility meets professionalism and allows users to transform boring slides into speedy representations of their thoughts.

What is Gamma AI?

Gamma AI

Gamma AI is an innovative tool that reduces time spent on creating presentations, documents, and even web pages. The user-friendly interface and smart design make it perfect for users who are seeking simple alternatives to traditional presentation software.


Gamma AI changes the world of presentations by combining flexibility and design in one package. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

One-Click Polishing: A click of the Gamma AI button immediately transforms your whole presentation by aligning it with the brand’s aesthetics. There will be no need to spend countless hours aligning boxes and maintaining brand consistency!

Present Mode and Web Publishing: With Gamma AI, you present your ideas on the spot and convert them into sharable web pages. The analytics aspect of this feature helps you understand what audiences are doing and thus engage them.

Interactive Content: Gamma AI makes your presentations extremely interactive. The tool incorporates GIFs, videos, graphs, and websites to create absolutely captivating content that draws your viewers’ attention.

Built-In Analytics: Gamma AI’s built-in analytics feature makes it easier to understand your audience. Gamma AI’s analytics gauge interactions. At the same time, the tool also has capabilities to make reactions and comments, which ultimately fosters an interactive feedback loop. 

Multi-Device Accessibility: In any event, Gamma AI ensures that your content looks nice and works well on phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. 

Effortless Collaboration: Gamma AI’s intuitive commenting feature is quite helpful in fostering teamwork, which in turn leads to improved work outcomes.

Modern Memos: Gamma AI helps you translate long paragraphs into small, interesting cards to make information attractive and memorable.

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Gamma AI allows you to drag and drop any media, for example, images, video, and interactive elements that can be added to the presentation.

Self-Guided Presentations: Gamma AI’s presentations are meant to stand on their own so that you can deliver your message effectively, even without a presenter.

To summarize, Gamma AI offers a number of advanced features that target modern enterprises and other professionals who place great importance on speed and active communication. 

Trying Out Gamma AI: Crafting a Presentation

3 types of content available

Once you have created your free account, one of the first pages you will see after answering some questions is displayed above. The tool allows you to either “generate” or “text-transform” content, and for “generate,” you can choose to create a presentation, document, or webpage. This time, I would like to try out how the tool can create presentations from scratch. 

presentation outline process

Upon selecting the presentation option, a “chatbot-like” feature asks for the topic. I chose “artificial intelligence” and the image above shows the process. Even a simple and vague topic will provide you with the general outline of the presentation. It also has a language selection option, which can be a significant benefit for those who prefer other language than English. Once you hit continue, it navigates you to a page that asks you to choose the theme. After choosing the right theme, Gamma AI starts to automatically craft the presentations.

presentation slide example

Here is one of the slide created by the tool. I was honestly impressed with the tool’s ability to create such visually appealing slides. In order to get the best results in terms of content, providing Gamma AI with a well-definined and clear prompt will help the tool know exactly what to include on the slides. Also, what was really cool is that on the right hand side, there is an “Edit with AI” chatbot feature that act as your design partner. You can ask anything to the chatbot to make some minor changes from design to content. 

I later tried creating a document as well as a webpage, and both of these functioned in a similar manner to creating a presentation. 

Pros and Cons of Gamma AI

What I liked about the tool:

  • Ease of Use: Creates the entire presentation/document/webpage simply by inputting the topic
  • AI Design Partner: AI chatbot makes it easy to edit the generated content (both design and content)
  • Analytics: Able to share track views and engagement even with the free plan

Where it needs improvement:

  • Image/diagram chosen by AI is a bit weak and less effective. It oftentimes does not fit well into the overall content
  • AI text generator also needs improvement. It may be suitable if you are looking for a straightforward presentation with basic details, but the tool may fall short of generating anything spectacular.

That said, I believe Gamma AI is performing quite well. We also need to keep in mind that Gamma AI is still in the beta phase as of November 2023, so continuous advancements will be seen in the future. 


Gamma AI pricing chart

Gamma AI has different price points designed for people who are just starting or running large teams. Here’s a detailed look at each plan (if paid annually):

Free Plan ($0/user per month): This plan is suited especially for beginners and those who wish to try Gamma AI’s fundamental capabilities. 

  • 400 AI credits at signup
  • Gamma-branded PDF and PPT exports
  • A 7-day change history
  • Access to basic analytics​​

Plus Plan ($8/user per month): The Plus plan provides more functions for the regular user and takes a step up from the free version. 

  • 400 AI credits every month
  • Option to delete “Made with Gamma” logo on exported products
  • A 30-day change history
  • Infinite folders for better organization of content

Pro Plan ($15/user per month): The Pro plan was specifically tailored to the “power user” so that they can get the complete “Gamma AI” functionality. 

  • Unlimited AI creation credits
  • Access to advanced AI models
  • Option to delete “Made with Gamma” logo on exported products
  • Priority customer support
  • Custom Fonts
  • Unlimited change history
  • Advanced analytics options


To sum it all up, Gamma AI is not just any presentation tool but a game changer for individuals who want to make their thoughts come out vibrantly and creatively. Gamma AI’s intuitive design will allow your creativity to flow so that your message is not only heard but felt and remembered. It works best when you intend to leave a lasting impression in your negotiations with your clients or in presenting ideas to your colleagues. If you are tired of ordinary presentations, then Gamma is your access to exciting presentations.

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