Effective communication is very important in today’s digital economy, especially during virtual meetings and calls. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to gauge and improve communication in real-time. This is where poised, a breakthrough gadget comes in. Artificial intelligence powers the software poised as a partner or feedback that improves customers’ calls and meeting quality for the users. This platform will act as an AI friend for all users to give confidence when communicating during meetings online in real time. It is also worth noting that it can give personalized feedback, which is meant for that specific person only, so it protects one’s privacy and promotes self-growth.

More specifically, the software poised is a virtual partner or feedback that provides quality improvement to customers’ calls and meetings that AI powers. This platform is poised to serve as each user’s reliable AI assistant to facilitate better and more confident communication during meetings in real-time. Among the noteworthy characteristics is its capacity to offer personalized feedback exclusive to the individual, thus preserving privacy and encouraging self-development.

What is Poised?


1. AI-Powered Real-time Feedback: immediate feedback during meetings
2. Live Speaker Notes: automatic display of meeting notes and management for covering all essential issues and schedule
3. Private and Personalized Feedback: fully tailored feedback
4. AI-Generated Summaries: summary and action list after the meeting
5. Broad App Integrations: works with over 800 communication devices, including Google Meet, slack, zoom


The software is non-intrusive, providing direct and readily actionable observations. As such, poised work behind the scenes, even during an ongoing meeting, to analyze your conversations and offer recommendations without causing any disturbance. Moreover, the tool provided by poised opens the meeting notes and ticks off each item, ensuring the user stays on topic and covers everything essential.

An additional characteristic worth noting is that this platform provides immediate feed-on weaknesses based on particular target points established for a given gathering. It is important for users to receive real-time tips instead of generic recommendations, which will eventually aid them in progressing toward a specific goal, depending on their position in an organization or circumstance. Poised also provides auto-generated post-meeting documents, including an itemized outline.

However, poised is not restricted to any profession in particular. It is helpful for Product Managers, Executives, Founders, Interviewers, and many more, including individuals engaged in sales. The system’s flexibility is also demonstrated by its ability to integrate over eight hundred communication channels such as Zoom, Google Meet, slack, and Microsoft Teams, among other options.

Users’ testimonies on this site show that users value the real-time feedback and actionable insights they receive instantaneously. In support of this, the testimonies suggest that the Poise software can be very important even to the executing manager looking to shape his overall presentation skills.

Concerning privacy, Poised highlights its concern for user’s safety with data. This platform works independently without interacting with any video conferencing software; therefore, all other meeting participants remain unaware of its presence. Additionally, Poised firmly states that it does not sell users’ data, underscoring its commitment to protecting user privacy.

The service that is called Poised aims to improve real-time language skills. While it is designed specifically for professional purposes, it has all the attributes required by every field. It is simple to use yet highly functional, as well as prioritizes user privacy.


pricing of poised

Poised has various pricing packages for both individuals and teams. For instance, the “Pro” plan costs thirteen dollars a month and gives them in-depth suggestions on refining their communication styles. The plan entails all items contained in the free poised version, plus benchmarks, trends, recommended challenges, specific feedback areas like storytelling, being concise, hedging words, interruption, inclusive language, pause, using facial expressions (macOS users only), and making eye contact. Poised provides a premium pricing option to teams comprising multiple participants sharing an account with exclusive priority customer service provision. Potential users can download a trial version of poised, which is completely free and will allow them to explore the program’s various functions at no cost.


In conclusion, poised is an artificially intelligent tool for improving interaction on the net. It gives instant feedback to the users and delivers timely custom-made messages for accurate communication. Moreover, poised is a vital tool for every individual who seeks to convert each conversation into an efficient one.

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