Online business meetings and conferences have increased in popularity due to the growth of remote work. While this advancement made it easier to share information and communicate, online meetings can be draining. Struggling to navigate through different technologies and trying to pick up on every single point seems to wear us out both physically and mentally. 

One of the best solutions to this is AI meeting assistants. They can help you record video calls, create automated meeting notes, and translate these notes into different languages. I have accumulated some of the most useful AI meeting assistants, so dive in and enjoy until the end!

What are the Top AI Meeting Assistants?


1. Perfect for sales and customer support professionals who require extensive topic-tracking
2. Free plan available with Pro plan starting from $10/month (billed annually)


Fireflies pricing chart

For users who want to start, Fireflies offers a free plan with 800/storage with basic recording and transcription features. The cheapest premium plan is also affordable, with $10/seat/month.

Exemplary AI

1. All-in-one platform: mitigates the need to use various platforms for different tasks
2. Perfect for creating & analyzing media
3. 3 Plans available, with the cheapest option of $19/month

Exemplary AI goes beyond the scope of a basic AI meeting assistant. Simply put, Exemplary AI is an all-in-one content creation tool for video & audio. Its features include transcription, translation, captioning, AI-writer, and it even allows the creation of videos. The platform supports over 120 languages with a reported accuracy rate of more than 95%. The best part about exemplary AI is that it does not require any technical expertise; the platform is designed with intuitive interphase and organized in an easy-to-use way. 


Exemplary AI pricing chart

Exemplary AI is flexible pricing options divided into 3 options: Starter, Pro, and Ultimate. The platform can be used as cheap as $19/month when paying annually, including 200 minutes transcription/month and many other functional features. Subscriptions can be easily canceled at any time, and they can be used until the end of the billing cycle.


1. For easily sharing facts and key insights
2. Free plan available with Plus plan starting from $18/month

Airgram is another notable AI meeting assistant that generates comprehensive meeting summaries. Not only does Airgram transcribe every speech into texts, but the tool also extracts various data types, including places and people. This can be useful when the business meeting revolves around sharing facts and key insights that need to be stored. Airgram then organizes these unstructured data and condenses them into more visually appealing arranged data. Airgram also integrates with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, which makes it easier to share these accumulated datasets. 


Airgram pricing chart

Airgram offers 2 plans: Free and Plus. The free plan supports 5 meeting records/month and is suitable for users who occasionally have online meetings. The plus plan of $18/month allows for more collaboration with Notion, Slack, and Hubspot integration capabilities. There is also a 7-day free trial for Plus, so be sure to try it!

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