The hunt for quality, high-grade content has entered a new phase in the ever-changing digital world. Introducing Scalenut, an AI-powered content writing assistant that is turning the game. Picture this: As a content creator, marketer, or business person, you always face the challenges of coming up with catchy SEO-optimized content to speak to your audience. It is a lengthy procedure that may require browsing, writing, and editing for hours. Imagine an instrument that does it all and combines the strength of AI and creativity in humans to produce material that draws the reader and dominates the search engine charts. This tool, Scalenut, does just that! In this article, we will review the features, pricing, comparisons, and everything you need to know about this innovative tool. 

What is Scalenut


Quick Summary
One of the best AI writing tools so far for content creators. Covers from idea generation all the way to content evaluation in one tool. An innovative tool for those seeking to streamline the time-consuming content creation process.

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Key Features

SEO-Optimized Content Outlines: Scalenut is not just about producing content but producing the right content. With Scalenut, your content will be engaging and highly ranked by the search engines as it includes SEO content outlines.

AI Copywriting: Regardless of your writing experience, Scalenut churns out high-quality content quickly. It eliminates fluffs, making the content more readable while maintaining the quality of the content.

Idea Generation: Stuck for content ideas? Fortunately, Scalenut will help you by generating various creative ideas in different niches, fueling your thinking process.

Long-form Content Creation: For producing lengthy and detailed articles in long form and blog posts, Scalenut is the right choice for you. This will save time and energy in the process.

Content Evaluation: Scalenut does not stop with mere creation. The tool provides you with feedback and suggestions for improving your content quality and reliability.

How to Use Scalenut: Creating an Article

The page asks you a few questions that will help you get more personalized results. This then directs you to a dashboard where you will find a number of options, including the keyword planner.

Regarding the keyword planner, it shows the Keyword difficulty (KD) and its search volume. Sorting and filtering was an easy task to perform with several criteria involved. Users could choose a main topic, with this topic being divided into several subtopics, which every article should comprise.

The experience of creating a blog using Scalenut was pretty simple. The first step is to write a short description of your entry and select a tone, after which you can create your title. Coming up with catchy blog titles is hard work, but Scalenut makes it easier by offering AI-generated suggestions that also work as SEO-friendly headlines. This is one of the major aspects of this function that makes it very easy to create a title.

The next phase is outlining. This stage offers summaries from the top-ranked posts. As such, it is possible to generate similar frameworks that are likely to be SEO-optimized. 

This is where you may adjust or include ‘writing points’, that is, specific details about the content you require. Unlike many other AI writing assistants that limit content adjusting after choosing the topic and the outline headings, Scalenut’s approach is more dynamic as it affords you the opportunity to modify your content after picking the topic of interest and this helps you adapt the content in accordance with your style.

It was an easy process changing this outline into a 2,000+ word article. On the right-hand side, there is an SEO optimizer that shows the SEO score, which comes with other detailed features. The “Research” feature is one noteworthy option. This function reveals content from possible competitors on the web, and the tool offers insights on how to compete with these competitors.

Final Verdict: Should you Use Scalenut?

The flexibility of Scalenut in generating articles is amazing. This makes it possible for those who lack knowledge of SEO to write articles that are competitive. Moreover, one thing that stood out most was the 7-day free trial which I found really useful. Unlike most other platforms that limit functionality during a trial period, Scalenut offers complete access to features and provides a very user-friendly yet professional experience. If you are a new writer willing to play without deep SEO knowledge, I strongly recommend you try Scalenut.


Essential Plan: Ideal for solo creators at $19/per month (on an annual basis), containing various features, including SEO articles, AI templates, and traffic insights.

Growth Plan: The second affordable plan is at $39 per month. It offers more than the basic plan and unlimited AI words, deep analytics, and other useful features.

Pro Plan: Enhanced user support and sophisticated keywords clustering features – $74/month (annually)

Enterprise Plan: Specialized program for large companies with specific options and advanced level of encryption.

Comparisons with Similar Software

Its friendly user interface, content creation with artificial intelligence, and affordability put Scalenut ahead of its competitors, such as Jasper. On the other hand, this tool also has a few limitations. Firstly, it supports only English; secondly, the users must manually create writing styles. Nevertheless, in terms of customizing and content optimization, it is a great contender in the art content creation field​.


To summarize, Scalenut emerges as a powerful tool in the content-generating arena. This is an AI-driven product, which could be beneficial for anyone who wishes to streamline their content creation. Scalenut is flexible and can be adopted by both individuals and large companies. However, it also has its limits, most of which revolve around language support. However, it remains an essential instrument in the domain of digital content production, considering its general effectiveness, level of quality, and budget-friendliness.

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