AI technology has seen remarkable innovations in the past few years, and development in text-to-image content is no exception to this trend. One thing I realize while I scour through social media is that I see a lot more AI-generated images. AI made it possible to create any type of image online instantly. It has come to a point where we don’t need to go through hundreds of Google Images to find the right image. In this article, I have accumulated some of the best AI image generators for you to succeed in your upcoming project.

What is the Best AI Image Generator?

Stable Diffusion

1. Free version available
2. Advanced & customizable editing options

1. Complex interface
2. Generation Process can be time-consuming

Released in August 2022 by Stability AI, Stable Diffusion has marked its prominence in the domain of AI content creation. One of the biggest advantages of Stable Diffusion is that the main features can be used for free. Although the platform includes a paid tier, the free plan is enough for running a quick sentence and getting a simple image back quickly. The free version can be accessed through a web browser without subscription fees or a license. 

Stable Diffusion excels in generating realistic images that match the prompt. As Stable Diffusion can handle complex textual descriptions, the model is often used to create visuals for advertisement campaigns. What is appealing is that Stability AI has enabled access to create images for commercial and non-commercial use. 

Jasper Art

1. Fast processing (less than 10 seconds)
2. Generates 4 images at once

1. No advanced editing options (like outpainting)

Jasper Art is a tool released in August 2022 by Jasper AI. It is the first publicly available AI text-to-image generator harnessed by DALL-E 2. Its main popularity comes from its speed, as it is the fastest AI image generator. Jasper Art creates 4 images simultaneously, making the tool more suitable for creative tasks. 

Jasper Art currently has a 7-day free trial that can be followed by either a creator plan which is $39/month, or teams plan, which costs $99/month.


1. Excels in generating people and real-life content
2. Vivid textures and colors

1. Only available on Discord

Midjourney is another popular AI image generator released in July 2022. The platform is perfect for generating people and real-life content, as the tool produces images with vivid textures and colors. It also recently gained popularity by winning the Colorado State Fair’s Annual Art Competition with its AI-generated image. Image created by Midjourney simply gives more natural vibes to the content than images created by other AI image generators. 

However, Midjourney may not be the best tool when used as a business. As of now, Midjourney is required to join its discord server, and users need to write their prompts in the community. While this allows you to see other users’ content, it can be detrimental for users creating for business purposes, as everyone can also see what you are creating. As people hope to use its service, Midjourney temporarily suspended its free trial; the cheapest available plan starts from $10/month.


AI image generator continues to innovate, and it is predicted to constantly transform how we perceive art. The more people use these services, the more data these services will have to train them, creating a positive feedback loop. What lies ahead are nothing but possibilities. 

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