How to Stay Informed with Instant News Notifications

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying up-to-date with current events has simply become an unspoken norm. However, time is one resource we all can not replenish, and every moment spent scrolling through our news feeds is a second of time lost that could have been used elsewhere. 

What if you can have the most relevant news on your feed without lifting a finger? A cloud-based instant message application such as Slack can help you do just that. Now, some of you may wonder how a messaging app can be of use. The answer is by leveraging the smart automation function on a Slack bot.

What is Slack?

Now, more to the technical side of this app. Slack is a messaging app created with the hope of boosting workplace productivity. Your team can take advantage of group and individual chats, file-sharing abilities, as well as effortless integration and connections to several other apps, all in one convenient hub. Team members have access to essential information, empowering them to cooperate on assignments and make decisions quickly while putting an end to prolonged email threads between coworkers. Slack equips your productive squad with everything they need for success!

Key Features

Slack is created to improve productivity and maximize team performance. With features such as Slack channels, it aims to facilitate organizing conversations relevant to projects, topics, or teams so users can access shared messages and files easily. Slack also offers direct messaging for quick interactions that easily integrates with other productivity tools like Google Drive and Calendar. This feature helps the team effortlessly collaborate on documents from multiple devices making sure your team stays connected and in sync, no matter where they are.

Now that we learned the basic features of Slack, let’s dive deeper into how we can reach a balance between staying up-to-date with data and optimizing productivity. This can be acquired through these 3 distinct steps.

Steps to Automating News on Slack

Step 1: Creating a Slack Workspace

Creating an account on Slack app is very simple. All it requires is a working email account and that’s it! After creating your account, it will bring you to a page that creates a workspace.

After completing a series of questions to tailor the settings, you will be directed to your own Slack workspace! This personal Slack workspace is where you can start channels and invite new people. This will basically be your centralized hub for seamless communication which is tailored to your needs.

Step 2: Adding RSS Feeds (RSS Integration)

RSS is short for “Really Simple Syndication” and very simply put, it is an easy way to automate and automatically update information. We need to integrate this feature on Slack to receive automated updates. Start by searching for “slack RSS feed” to begin the setup procedure.

Click on the webpage at the top and find: 

Visit the RSS page and click Add your RSS to Slack app. This should bring you to the screen shown below.

Step 3: Adding Websites to your Slack Workspace

Now it’s time to find a website that you would like to get updates from. First, navigate to the website of your choice, right-click, and view its source code. 

A website’s source code should be displayed; while this may seem overwhelming at first glance, it is actually pretty simple. Try to search “RSS” on the source code by using “command + F” and you should find a link attached at the end. Copy this link and go back to your Slack channel workspace.

In the message input box on your Slack workspace, type in “/feed followed by a space and paste the URL you copied earlier.” Once you’ve pasted the command, hit the send button or press “Enter.” This should start the feed integration which will allow automatic updates from the specified website on your message board.

Following these 3 simple steps, you will be set to receive up-to-date news from this specific article or website. You can keep adding website links and come up with your collection of news that revolves around your interests.


Personally, as someone who used to dedicate countless hours scraping through news from various sources, I wish I stumbled upon this Slack integration feature a bit sooner. The process was time-consuming and simply overwhelming. Discovering Slack integration feature back then would have been a game changer as it would streamline processes and save valuable time.

The best part about Slack is that by default it follows a freemium model, and all of this can be done without charge. With the new Slack AI coming up, it has the potential to not only transform but to revolutionize the approach to time management by enabling to automatically summarize accumulated web articles.

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