In recent years, the AI domain has seen a transformative shift with the release of Open AI’s ChatGPT. Its release led to widespread popularity, making the tool one of the most popular chatbots among business people, developers, and students. 

However, while ChatGPT has seen an influx of popularity, another contestant has been gradually building its prominence: Bard, a conversation AI tool by Google. Bard offers a variety of features that often compete, and at times even exceed the offerings of ChatGPT. In this article, we will navigate the sphere of AI-driven communication and discover the unique strengths of Bard that make it stand out among other competitors. 

What are Bard’s Capabilities Beyond ChatGPT?

Bard’s Unique Capabilities

1. Internet Connectivity: Ability to search for the most up-to-date information
2. Image Recognition: Ability to recognize images/screenshots as prompts
3. Response Modification: Ability to change the tone/style of the response
4. Google Search Integration: Ability to double-check a response using Google

1. Internet Connectivity 

One factor that distinguishes ChatGPT and Bard is the ability to handle real-time data. Many of you may know that ChatGPT has a knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, and the chatbot does not have the ability to search for information after that date (unless using plugins with a paid version). 

On the other hand, Bard has the ability to access the internet which allows the users to retrieve the most recent information. Additionally, Bard also provides the users with a source link which makes it easier to verify the information. This feature positions Bard at an advantage, making the tool not only for real-time insights but also a low-cost option for users determined to access the latest information. 

2. Image Recognition

Another feature worth noticing is the image recognition capabilities of Bard. It can generate images, identify objects within images, and even extract texts from images. Here is an example:

I tried importing a random math equation, and Google Bard was able to successfully solve the equation:

Bard’s image recognition feature is harnessed by the Google Lens platform which is a visual search engine. Although this capability is still in the development stage, the processing feature has the potential to be applicable in various other fields. 

3. Response Modification

Our third Bard-exclusive feature is response modification. On Bard, it is possible to adjust the tone/style of the response in 5 different options: shorter, longer, simpler, more casual, and more professional. For instance, you can ask Bard to draft an email for your acquaintance, and then ask the chat to make it more casual depending on the response. Users having the ability to modify responses enables them to gain more control over the creative process, potentially opening new dimensions of creativity. 

Whenever you ask ChatGPT something, you always have to manually copy & paste the output. Have you ever wondered if you can streamline this step and just directly transport the output from ChatGPT’s platform? Bard is a perfect solution for that; Bard mitigates this entire process and allows direct integration for sharing the response to other platforms such as Gmail and Google documents.

4. Google Search Integration

Our fourth useful feature is the double-check response. As previously mentioned, AI is still in the development phase and these advanced technologies can still make simple errors. To address this, Bard has implemented a “Google it” button to make the users double-check the AI’s response. Not only does this allow users to properly evaluate the statement but also forces users to avoid falling for misinformation.

Described above are a few examples of popular features exclusive to Google AI’s Bard. While Open AI’s ChatGPT is on its way to taking up the majority share in terms of recognition, acquiring a skill to differentiate various AI platforms for individual use cases can be one way to stand out among the crowd within this ever-growing digital world. So next time you are in need of some answers, give Bard a try!

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